An Ocean-Tech Accelerator

We believe there are endless opportunities in the Ocean

We find, invest in and scale startups with positive impact on our ocean through the Katapult Ocean Accelerator.

We build a global ecosystem of startups, corporates, organizations, research institutions and thoughtleaders. We create awareness through sharing success stories, participating at events and through the Katapult Ocean Prize (to be launched).

Our Focus

Exponential Tech

We believe exponential technology can help impact focused startups scale faster solving the challenges in the ocean or finding new great opportunities.

Our Focus

Energy, Transport & new Frontiers

Such as Wave & Tidal, Shipping, Ferries, Tourism, Exploration, Floating Cities & New Ways to use the Ocean

Our Focus

Ocean Health & Harvesting

Such as Cleanup, Acidification, Habitat Protection & Restauration, Aquaculture, Fishing, Medicine & Desalination

What we offer

  • An intense accelerator program tailored to ocean impact tech
  • Hands-on mentorship from top global subject matter experts, serial entrepreneurs, business leaders and investors
  • Access to pilot customers, test environments and real data
  • Investment in your company as well as access to further capital and investors to support your company
  • Add-on program with our partner nHack in Shanghai focusing on production and market entry in China

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Katapult Ocean

Kongens Gate 11A
5th Floor
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