Systemic change for the food industry

Creating the future of food for everyone

Food and agriculture account for over a quarter of global warming emissions, occupies half of the world’s inhabitable land and consumes 70% of the global freshwater available. At the same time, the world’s population approaches 9bn people by 2030 and increasingly demands foods with the highest impact on the environment, such as beef and dairy.

We believe systemic and technological change will be necessary to address these challenges in a sustainable way. Our Accelerator program is built to find and support the companies that are developing the technological solutions that will define the future food systems.

Our Focus

Supporting the evolution of food

We believe the shift towards sustainable foods will accelerate, with increased focus on nutrition. A new industry will emerge around precision bio, food design and personalised food and nutrition.

Our Focus

Democratising food production

We believe more food will be produced locally, close to point of consumption. A lowered barrier to entry through precision farming, robotics and autonomous growing systems will support this change.

Our Focus

Rethinking supply chains

We believe the existing supply chains will be fundamentally challenged by technology innovations that incentivise the producers and consumers over the middle men, and increase transparency.

What we offer

  • 3-month fast paced, hands on program based in London to help scale your business
  • Access to a global network of leading thematic mentors
  • Investment into your company as part of the accelerator program
  • Access to further capital and investors to support your company

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